I as a Walt Disney Company Stockholder and a Osceola County Florida Part Time Resident. I am ASHAMED of how the Upper Management at Walt Disney World Resort, and Especially Management at Walt Disney Parks and Resort are acting and how they treat there hard working Cast Members.  Walt Disney World said "They're  offering Competitive wages" then why does Sea World Orlando starting wage is $10.00 when Disney's is $7.45. Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave, but then he didn't pay Animators well either. “There are times when I have to make my months insulin last two or three months because I can't afford to go out and buy it,” said employee Jim Mykins. I feel sorry for Jim Mykins. Now in the STUC Contract offer press release by Walt Disney World Resort, they said "Cast Members have a choice of affordable, high-quality health care options for them and theirdependants so they can choose the one that best fits their budget. While health care costs continue torise nationwide, Disney pays more than 70 percent of the cost of health care coverage and providesnumerous resources to help Cast manage their costs, including: Free preventive care (e.g., immunizations, annual physicals), A high-quality, on-site health care center, which provides full-service primary care, a lab, basicradiology, behavioral health services and a pharmacy. The pharmacy provides low-cost genericmedications and over-the-counter products at a discount from standard retail prices, Free diabetic medical supplies and free medications for people with diabetes who participate in aprogram, Up to $300 this year for completing an online personal health assessment, a biometric screeningand achieving a healthy body weight. Free health coaches are available for conditions identifiedduring the personal health assessment, Numerous other health and wellness offerings, such as on-site fitness centers, educational andscreening opportunities, and online tools and resources." 

In All it is up to you to decide. I just wanted to get my word out. 

To Learn More about the Walt Disney World Service Trade Council Union Please Visit Them Here: http://servicetradescouncil.org

To read the STUC Contract offer press release by Walt Disney World Resort Please Visit  Here:

To read the UFCW 1625 Press Release Please Visit  Here:

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